Crime on Campus is Down Across Tennessee

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(Memphis) The TBI’s Crime on Campus numbers are in and there's good news for campuses in the volunteer state.

But before college kids let their guard down, the TBI says one area of concern is violent crime, which is up drastically.

Campus should be a safe place. That’s what students at the University of Memphis believe.

“You're already focusing on your classes and your life and yourself and you don't really need the threat of any type of violence or crime,” said sophomore Tori Nute. “You shouldn't have to be afraid to walk to class.”

The TBI 2012 Report on campus crime says overall, crime is down, but statewide, aggravated assaults increased over 60 percent.

“It is unnerving,” said Nute. “Certainly no one wants to hear that and it puts some doubts in your mind whenever you’re walking [to class].”

Students should be encouraged though. Crime overall at the University of Memphis is down.

Robberies are down by 23 percent in 2012 from the previous year. The U of M saw 37 fewer assaults and about 10 percent fewer thefts.

“I'm actually surprised because we do get a lot of emails about robberies and things like that that go on around campus,” said Gicole Patterson, a senior.

The U of M is not the only campus. Rhodes College saw a 22 percent drop in overall crime, and Christian Brothers University says its campus was 13 percent safer than last year, while Southwest saw about a four percent increase in crime in 2012.

Even though the numbers are promising, students aren't letting their guard down.

“I think it’s always a matter of being aware and always being on guard,” said Nute.

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