Coach Pastner Reacts to Rutgers Coaching Controversy

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(Memphis) There was public outrage over the abusive behavior of Rutgers Coach Mike Rice.

On a video of a practice, he was seen cursing at his players, throwing basketballs at their heads. University of Memphis Basketball Coach Josh Pastner says that's just not his style.

He said if you let your kids watch Sesame Street you can let them watch him coach.

"The worst thing I say it gosh darn it, gosh dang it, son of gun,holy Toledo," Pastner said.

It's a far cry from the coaching method of Coach Rice. Pastner says his behavior crosses the line.

"No one will touch a player in a physical way. That's crossing the line under my direction. That won't happen. Nobody is going to do any personal attacks with words either. I don't believe in that," he said.

Coach Pastner also doesn't believe in cursing at his team. He says respect is the best motivation.

"I believe I can make my point across to the player I'm talking to without humiliating them with curse words."

When frustrations boil as they do from time to time in competitive sports, Coach Pastner said he stays even keel by relying on his best disciplinary tool.

"If they`re not producing you don`t need to scream and yell. The best motivational tool you have is the bench.'

While he says his coaching style may not work for everyone, his team did make it to Round 32 of the NCAA tournament.