Can A Device Help You Make Perfect French Fries?

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(Memphis) Dyer's on Beale is well known for its deep fried burgers, but this historic restaurant also serves up hand-cut french fries.

General Manager Scott Lawrence is helping us test "Perfect Fries," a $10 at-home french fry cutter that promises to turn your potato into fries in seconds.

Scott places a potato into the device, presses down, and we end up with a fist full of french fries.

He tries the same routine with a sweet potato, but the device isn't strong enough to cut through the hard sweet potato.

Scott cut the sweet potato in half and it worked.

We deep fried out cut potatoes, and after a few minutes we had fresh, crisp, golden brown french fries.

"Perfect Fries" you PASS our "Does it Work?" test.

We purchased "Perfect Fries" at Walgreens for $9.99