Two Inmates Escape From State Prison Near Henning, TN

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(Lauderdale County, TN) The search continues for two escaped inmates from the West Tennessee State Penitentiary near Henning.

Tuesday, corrections officers saturated an area near the prison in Lauderdale County.

Both fugitives were to be released soon from minimum security, but escaped Monday and now face an extra 5 years behind bars when caught.

Adrian Wilson is co-owner of Fort Pillow Grocery and Bait Shop about a mile and half from the penitentiary in Lauderdale County.

She and her employees found out Monday about the two escaped prisoners,

"They've all came in and told us, 'there are inmates out, be careful, be safe. If you see anything out of the ordinary let us know and let us know if you need anything.' They're really good about helping out."

Tuesday, right outside her store, State Correctional officers manned check points and searched acres looking for the two men.

Ashton Silar was serving an eight year sentence on drug convictions in Madison County  and Dustin Wayman was behind bars on a two-year sentence for auto burglary out of Knox County.

The two are considered minimum custody inmates and were close to being released.

Adrian Wilson says in the eight years her store has been open, there have been several escapes.

But she refuses to put her business on hold and doesn't think Silar and Wayman pose a big threat, "I would be more worried if it was somebody that was a serial killer or murderer. But like I said, these people who are in for automobile theft,  I'm not really worried. If they want my car they can have it, but I'm not worried about them coming in and hurting us."

When captured the pair face an additional five years time for escaping.

Checkpoints have been set up in Henning, Ripley and Covington but it's feared the two may have made their way toward the Brownsville area.