Cameras, Patrols Make Olive Branch Neighborhood Safer

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(Olive Branch, MS) Charles Quill has noticed a big difference in his neighborhood the last few years.

He says these days you hardly ever hear about trouble, ”The last time I heard of a break-in was about a block away about three years ago."

For a while, lots of people in cars from Tennessee would cruise the neighborhood, or fish at the private lakes.

Break-ins became a problem.

What’s changed? A strong homeowners association took action to get people involved in watching out for crime in this neighborhood along the Mississippi-Tennessee state line.

Neighborhood leaders even installed high-tech security cameras to record who’s driving in and out.

The cameras are sensitive enough to read the tag numbers off cars.

And that’s the point, to be able to identify people who come and go in the event of trouble.

Residents even got police to patrol more and hired a private company to supplement those patrols.

”Security patrol. It’s a private company, I’m not sure what their name is, but they ride around here at least two to three times a week,” said Daniel Freeman who's lived here for years.

Neighbors even got personally involved to keep an eye on the streets and their neighbors.

People here say traffic is down, and so is crime.

”I think it’s a combination of a lot of things but I think even more important or equally as important, there’s a neighborhood watch group” explained Quill who says, there’s no one thing that’s the solution to keeping crime out, it’s the mix of technology and people.