Germantown Redevelopment Proposal Causing Concern

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(Germantown) Germantown is one Shelby County city that has nowhere else to grow.

It's mostly used up its annexation reserve. Now the suburb is looking at where it can re-develop and it has big plans for 58-acre area off of Kirby Parkway between Poplar and Park.

People that live and work in Germantown love the idea of a makeover for the area but business owners fear it will kill all that they've worked for over the years.

“I can't understand how they're going to do what they plan to do without having to block off this entire area,” said Debbie Williams who shops in the area.

There is a proposal to redevelop a 58-acre area into a western "welcome mat" for people coming into Germantown. The plan calls for new multilevel buildings with apartments, restaurants and businesses.

While it may be good in the long run, Happi-Stores’ owner, Richard Holley, fears it could hurt business now.

“We've been here since 1991, shoppers need to be able to find you where they expect to find you,” he said. “That would be a little upsetting to us.”

The City of Germantown must build upwards if it wants to keep growing.

While Williams likes the proposal she's afraid those who live in Germantown won't welcome such a big project, especially with the problems drivers faced widening Poplar Avenue at West Street.

“I don't necessarily trust that if it causes that much disruption to widen a street, how they could do what they want to do without disrupting anything,” said Williams. “It sounds like a fantasy.”