Memphis Police Officer Indicted In Fayette County ATV Accident

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(Fayette County, TN) A Memphis Police officer has been indicted, but not for anything he did in the City of Memphis.

Thomas Ray is facing several charges including driving drunk on an ATV in Fayette County.

Memphis Police Officer Thomas Ray faces a Judge Weber McCraw Thursday morning in Somerville.

Standing with attorney Ted Hansom, Ray listens to the judge read the indictment filed against him, "Your charged in count three with reckless aggravated assault..."

The charges are the result of an ATV accident in September 2012.

We're told Ray was driving the ATV when it went off Johnson Drive, injuring a Cordova man on the back of the four-wheeler.

According to Fayette County Deputies Ray wasn't there when they arrived, but eventually came back.

Deputies said there were several beer cans and bottles found around the ATV, as well as a loaded pistol that belonged to the Memphis Police Officer.

Deputies charged Thomas Ray with DUI after he failed a blood alcohol test.

In count four of the indictment Ray is charged with the possession of a handgun while under the influence.

Attorney Ted Hansom declined to talk about the case and couldn't say which precinct Ray worked out of in Memphis, "As with any officer, when a charge is leveled against them, normally they are relieved of duty and an investigation is conducted."

After Ray told the judge he wasn't guilty, he was handcuffed and led away.

Hansom says that was routine, "That has to happen with anybody that's arrested. You have to be taken into custody, booked and processed. That's what they're doing and he will be released shortly."

Thomas Ray is out of jail tonight after posting a $10,000 bond.

His trial is set for this July.