Memphis Police beefing up security for Klan Rally

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(Memphis)- The main action outside the Shelby County Courthouse on Adams at noon Thursday was a crowd gathered for property auctions.
But in two days, KKK members will gather there for a rally, protesting  the city renaming several parks named after confederate leaders.

“They’re not gonna be here long. Being the city of Memphis, I think we should let them go on and do their little thing to keep up our standards. Let them go on and block it off and do what they want to do and get on away from here,” says Frankie James who lives in Binghampton.

Police remain tight-lipped about all their plans, but we do know a 10 block area around the courthouse will be under heavy  surveillance.
Multiple sources tell  News Channel 3 you won’t be able to walk or drive in the area between 7am and 7pm Saturday.

It could be a problem for those who live downtown.
At the Claridge House Condos, they are still in the dark about what to expect saying police have not told them a thing

“I think that they should. I think the city should provide information. They have been kind of quiet and hush-hush about it. Maybe they don’t want to attract national media,” says Michael LaRosa who lives downtown.

Police remember the chaos of the last Klan Rally in Memphis in 1998.
This time there will be one place where people can enter and they will have to go through metal detectors.

Twenty-three different law enforcement agencies have offered their help to MPD to keep things safe, but some  people are taking their own measures.

“It’s best that we all stay in other places and let them do their thing and let the police handle what they need to do. That’s the way I think it needs to be done,” says Kathrine Perryman of Midtown Memphis.