Killer Tried Breaking Into Victim’s Home After Crime

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(Memphis) New disturbing details in the stabbing death of a 19-year-old worker at the El Toro Loco Mexican Restaurant in East Memphis.

Police say the killer actually took the victim's car back to the crime scene three days later.

Witnesses say the victim’s car was brought back to the same parking space it was stolen from, four parking spaces down from the back door of El Toro Loco.

Kitchen workers found the car Wednesday morning with the key in the ignition, but say Aaron Vasquez's house keys were missing.

Family members confirm just a few hours after the teen was murdered Saturday, someone showed-up to the Vasquez family home Saturday and tried to break-in.

They say the alarm went-off when the criminal opened the door and he ran away.

Then, three days later, police say the killer returned Vasquez's stolen car back to the same place he stabbed and killed the teen as he took out the trash.

“Why did he bring the car back? That's the question that probably everybody wants to know,” said Charles Williams, who works at the Kirby Gate Shopping Center at La Rue Hair Cutter’s.

Berenice Gonzales, who worked with Vasquez, says she had hoped police had caught the killer Wednesday night.

Police arrested someone at the Kirby Gate Shopping Center that looked like the man police thought may have been connected to the crime, a killer who is also believed to have slit the throat of Steve Jiang’s co-worker.

That attack happened just a few doors down from El Toro Loco, eight hours before Vasquez was murdered.

“The police was here the other day to identify this person,” said Jiang, pointing to the picture. “He said it happened too quickly and he's not sure. He's not 100 percent sure.”

Police say no one yet has been arrested for the brutal crimes.

“Even though we have security every night walking us to our car it's still scary,” said Gonzales.

“Let everybody know about this dangerous person and catch him as soon as possible,” said Jiang.