Complete coverage: Four children killed in Shelby County apartment

Germantown High Student Killed in Crash

(Memphis) Chris Hess will be remembered as an energetic, positive, academic and athletic teenager with a big heart.

His family says he was a straight 'A' student who played rugby for Germantown High School and five instruments in the school band.

“We definitely loved his smile. We loved his whole demeanor. For sure. He will be well remembered every day,” said Hess’s father Neville.

Chris lived life to the fullest, but his life was cut short Wednesday.

Memphis police say the accident happened around 3:00 after school when Hess was driving southbound on Germantown.

They say he ran off the road and struck a tree, then his car turned sideways and he hit a wooden fence.

They don't know why this accident happened, but they're investigating.

Chris's father says his boy had the biggest heart out of anyone he knew, “Chris was a child who loved doing things for others. He was a very loving and attentive person."

He says his son would even cut grass and clean the cars of his neighbors.

To show how outgoing his personality was, Chris scored an outstanding 27 on the ACT, but he wanted to take it again to do even better.

His parents are waiting on those results because they had high hopes for his education.


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