Forbes Lists Memphis Among Top 15 “Emerging” Downtowns

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(Memphis) - Forbes magazine takes a second look at Memphis and liked what they see.  They say the city has one of the top fifteen emerging downtown areas in the country.

Just a few years ago, Forbes listed Memphis as one of most miserable cities to live.

“I think it’s a great thing,” Latonya Dixon said in reaction to Memphis being celebrated nationally for its' growth downtown. It's where she lives, works and plays, “great food, great energy, live music, trolley night, what else can you ask for?”

Forbes magazine called Memphis one of the top 15 emerging downtowns compared to other cities across the nation.

“We all know that Forbes has not always been our biggest fan so it’s nice when they're noticing the good parts of our city,” said Paul Morris, President of Downtown Memphis Commission.

The magazine included Memphis because of redevelopment of the Pyramid into Bass Pro Shops and the old Chisca Hotel into residential apartments.  Plus, more than 90 percent of housing in downtown Memphis is occupied.

“More and more people are choosing to live in downtown because of the amenities, the restaurants and the interesting lifestyle you have living in a city,” said Morris.

While downtown Memphis is on the rise, Morris claims there is still some room for improvement.

“The fact is we still have a long way to go, too many blighted buildings,” he said. “We need  lot more people downtown to make it what it should be as a downtown, but we have come so far since the 70's, 80's and early 90's.”

Morris says there are more reasons why Forbes has taken notice. In fact, the downtown Memphis commission has a list of 100 things to celebrate about downtown.

To download that list, click here.