Step-Son Shot Ridgeway Basketball Coach Multiple Times

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(Memphis) There is a breaking news update on the relationship between a Ridgeway basketball coach killed in his home and the young man police say pulled the trigger.

Nineteen year-old Dewayne Moore is charged with killing Coach Jimmy McClain.

Moore is in jail on a $2 million bond. On Your Side Investigator Stephanie Scurlock found out details about the relationship between the victim and suspect.

Sheriff Bill Oldham confirms Moore was McClain’s step-son.

The sheriff and his detectives believe he is the only suspect but Moore’s sister says officers got it all wrong.

She talked to us outside the courtroom.

“They are just trying to make a name for their self. Shelby county police ain't about nothing. They ain't about nothing. They harass. Harass. Harass,” cried Tiffany Moore, suspect’s sister.

Tiffany Moore defends her brother. He is facing First Degree Murder  for killing their step-father.

Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham describes the violent way the coach and church pastor, Jimmy McClain, died inside the foyer of his Cordova home.

“Multiple gunshots had been fired inside the home and he'd been struck multiple times,” said Sheriff Bill Oldham.

Deputies developed the teen as a suspect early on but they won’t discuss the motive.

The On Your Side Investigators discovered McClain filed for a divorce from Moore’s mother in August but friends say the two have been living apart for years.

Oldham said, “She cooperated fully in this investigation.”

The sheriff says they linked Moore to a stolen AR15 rifle in the course of the investigation but it was not used in the murder.

Investigators also confirmed information News Channel 3 received that the step-son attended McClain’s funeral and mourned with hundreds of others.

“We know very little about why he's charged with it,” said Defense Attorney John Perry.

The teen’s defense attorney says he’s anxious to see what evidence links him to the crime.

“I know that he definitely did not have any sort of problems with the step-father. And, it's my understanding they're a regular middle class family and he's been a regular middle class kid,” said Perry.

However, Moore is a “kid” fighting accusations he went back to the home where he once lived and killed his step-father.

“It ain't true. I don't care what nobody say. Ya'll can interview all day. Ya'll can look at my face. My brother  didn’t do that. He did not do that. He’s a baby. He's 19 years old,” cried Tiffany Moore.

McClain’s brother told On Your Side Investigator Stephanie Scurlock the family does not want to comment on the step-son’s arrest but may hold a news conference at a later date.