Restaurant Raid Yields Little, Owner Says With Good Reason

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(Shelby County, TN) This was no ordinary, run of the mil arrest.  From the drug dogs searching cars in the parking lot to the multiple paddy wagons lined up ready to cart away criminals. The Shelby County Sheriff's office converged on the restaurant Blu with some tough talk.

“We had robberies on the lot assaults, violent crimes, car break-ins”, said Sheriff Bill Oldham.

“There was repeated illegal activity, drug sales by employees of the club and patrons of the club”, said Amy Weirich, Attorney General, Shelby County.
They stormed the place, searching everyone and everything.  One woman watched as deputies went through her car, and purse.

“I don't have anything in my car, so I'm good”

She wasn't the only one let go.  Deputies walked away last night with only one marijuana cigarette.  The club's owner says he was unfairly targeted.

“I would like to know where the punch line is, it's expensive, it's frustrating”, said John Edwards, Blu’s owner.

Vince Higgins, a spokesman for the Attorney General said it was a Tuesday night, they didn't expect to get much, despite the manpower.  Sheriff Oldham’s spokesman Chip Washington said y they did in fact make one arrest.  Security guard Shana Vaughn and there are three other warrants out there.