Reactions Mixed On Swinnea Road Extension

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(Southaven, MS) Hundreds of homes line Swinnea Road South of Goodman in Southaven.

Most people say they moved to the area because it’s quieter than most local neighborhoods, thanks to this dead-end where Swinnea comes to a stop.

Soon though, work will begin on extending Swinnea, all the way to Church Road.

Vickie Patton has mixed emotions about it, ”I’m afraid it’s gonna be a cut-through street like Airways and traffic wilb e heavy and that can bring crime to the neighborhood too, also.”

She’s already been a victim of crime once, so she’s wary of the project, even though it could cut several minutes off her commute time.

County Government leaders say extending Swinnea is necessary to accommodate growth and traffic.

”Shortly after I was elected Supervisor, a constituent sent me an e-mail and said can you help with this”, said Supervisor Mark Gardner, who worked out a deal to split the 2.4 million dollar cost of extending Swinnea with the City of Southaven.

How much work will it take to extend Swinnea Road?

Not a lot. In fact, you can see the other side of Swinnea through the trees, and it looks to be only about a half-mile away.

If land acquisition goes smoothly, Gardner says he could have the road finished by the end of this year, ”It’s gonna provide some relief for Goodman Road and Church Road and every citizen of DeSoto County benefits from that”.

Neighbors worry those benefits might come at their expense.

”Make sure they have all the proper traffic signals and stuff up so the residents can come in and out of their home and not have to sit there for a long time and wait,” said Patton.

She also wants to see a lower speed limit to increase safety and cut down on noise.