No Arrests After Deputies Raid Restaurant

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(Shelby County, TN)  Deputies from the Shelby County Sheriff’s office shut down Blu Restaurant on Hacks Cross, Tuesday night.

Sheriff Bill Oldham said his officers responded to an unusually high number of car break-ins and violent crime at the restaurant.

Approximately 50 deputies, entered the restaurant after 9:15pm Tuesday night.

They were looking for employees and patrons suspected of having drugs.

Sheriff Oldham said undercover deputies had purchased narcotics in and near the restaurant for about six weeks.

A bathroom attendant, DJ, even a security worker were cited as being involved in the drugs sales.

During the raid, Deputies had two paddy wagons waiting.

They searched a half-dozen cars, questioned patrons, but in the end found no one they were looking for.

They confiscated a few weapons, and said they would be back.

Blu is shut down permanently by Attorney General Amy Weirich, who labeled the business a nuisance.

Wednesday, the restaurant released a statement saying, “business operation changes will include hiring a new security firm, additional management support and a more detailed background check on all employees. The management will fully comply with the D.A.’s office, in an effort to become a great business for the residents of Memphis and the surrounding area.”