Can’t Use The Word “Easter” In School and $5 Fee If You’re Just Window Shopping

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A school in Alabama doesn't want to offend anyone so they're stopping all uses of the word "Easter" even when they have activities, like egg hunts, that are not religious in nature.

Thousands of students are spending their Spring Break in Washington and won't be able to visit the White House because budget cuts have closed down tours.

Meanwhile, the President's daughters are in the Bahamas enjoying their break.

The family is paying for their trip, but taxpayers pick up the tab for their Secret Service detail reportedly to the tune of $115,000.

That's enough to cover two to six weeks of White House tours.

A store in Australia is charging a $5 fee if you're just looking, and not buying.  It's to cut down on "Showrooming", where people go into a store to view an item first hand and then buy it online for a cheaper price.

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