Thieves Hit Douglass Park

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(Memphis) The search is on for the people who stripped a baseball field of its aluminum benches.

They trashed it so badly, kids can no longer play at the Douglass Park ball field.

It looks like a metal puzzle at Douglass Park, but the pieces are missing; after someone ripped the benches from the bolts in the stands and the dugout.

Douglass Park is a city park, but the baseball and softball teams at Douglass High use the field to practice and play games.

This week, teams headed out to the field, excited to play, only to find they can’t.

Someone cashed in their seats for cents.

“There's rules that there has to be seating for the players,” said neighbor Mike Griffin.

“They took away from the kids in the neighborhood,” said Rodney Pipes.

His 16-year-old daughter plays on the softball team. He's afraid the thief may have jeopardized her future.

“She's trying to get a scholarship for college,” said Pipes. But if college recruiters can’t sit, they won’t see her practice.

An upset Mike Griffin got a call about what happened and came to check it out.

He believes the thieves also took away much more than just seats.

“The kids on a home field feel they have an advantage. If they play off their campus, they lose that home field advantage,” said Griffin.

Memphis City Schools says right now it’s just trying to get everything replaced which ticks Griffin off that the schools have to pay for someone else's crime.

“I can’t stand a thief,” said Griffin.