Shelby County School Board to Debate Teacher Compensation

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(Memphis) The Shelby County School Board is expected to take up the issue of teacher compensation again at their meeting tonight.

Currently teachers are given raises based on years of experience and advanced degrees.

The Transition Planning Commission has recommended teachers in the merged system be paid based on high priority schools, teaching a hard to staff subject and having demonstrated sustained effectiveness.

“They also haven’t discussed the fact that there is a direct correlation in increased compensation and student outcomes,” said school board member David Pickler.

“I still think there is a substantial burden of proof before it’s going to have my vote,” said Pickler.

The issue came up last week at a board meeting where evidence to support the compensation based on student performance model was shared.

School board member Kenneth Whalum said he isn’t supporting the measure either, “I think this is another manifestation of how the transition planning commission has overstepped its boundaries. I’m not interested in teacher pay models, until we can deal with parent pay."

The proposed compensation model would not reduce the pay of current teachers.

it would however no longer pay based on advance degrees that are not completed by August of 2014.