Olive Branch Theatre Dispute Headed to Court

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(Olive Branch, MS) Steve Heuser says the construction near his backyard didn’t stop after Olive Branch Aldermen turned down plans to build a movie theatre there, ”Yeah, He’s pretty much stripped everything he can strip out of there like he’s going on as if he’s gonna win the appeal.”

Tinseltown Cinemas isn’t appealing to the board, it’s appealing to a circuit judge.

Even though the theatre owner got site approval for another location, he’s still pushing for this site.

So much so, he’s willing to go to court over it.

Former DeSoto Circuit Judge George Ready says such appeals aren’t unusual, and rarely successful, ”Appeals are pretty common. People are disappointed in the outcome of course. They think it’s a political process but the fact, the overturning of a body’s decision is unusual.”

He says as long as Aldermen followed Mississippi law, not even a judge can disagree, “The court cannot substitute its own judgment for the original decision.”

Ready says the Board seemed to have a solid defense when it raised traffic and safety concerns with the property.

That’s left neighbors wondering what’s next, ”I’m sure he’ll just turn the land over, develop it somehow, turn it over to somebody else”.

Heuser says he and others will be watching to make sure what does go in here, doesn’t disrupt the neighborhood.