Car Of Murder Victim Found Back At Scene

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Update 3/27- The green Toyota Rav-4 that police asked for help with finding and which belonged to a murdered restaurant employee has been found.

Aaron Vasquez was killed outside El Toro Loco in the Kirby Gate Shopping Center this past weekend.

Police said they believed the killer took the Rav-4.

Today the car was found in the parking lot.

It’s not clear if it was returned or was never actually take.


(Memphis) Two stabbings in two days at the Kirby Gate Shopping Center has workers praying that they're not next.

A 19-year-old college student was stabbed to death Saturday after finishing his shift at a Mexican restaurant.

The day before, another worker was attacked behind a Chinese restaurant at the same shopping center.

News Channel 3 spoke with the cashier at New China who says he was there that night when his co-worker went out to smoke a cigarette and came back with his throat slashed.

Steven Jiang was the one who called for help.

“He held his head and just cut it and then just run-away,” said Jiang. “I didn't see the bleeding because he hold his throat very tight. He's lucky.”

He’s lucky because he survived.

Aaron Vasquez did not.

Eight hours later, Vasquez was taking out the trash behind the El Toro Loco Mexican Restaurant when someone also stabbed him.

It was almost four in the morning and no one was there to help.

He collapsed inside the restaurant and died.

Police say the suspect took Vasquez's 1998 Toyota RAV4 with Tennessee tags 779-VWD.

“Taking out garbage. Just senseless,” said Anthony Nanoccahio, who works just down the street.

People who work in the area say they’re being extra vigilant and asking themselves 'why'?

“It’s serial or something. It doesn't make any sense,” said Nanoccachio. "What's the guy got a vendetta against something?”

“I think its gang-related, if you want my opinion,” said Michael Johnson, who also works in the area.

“I have no idea,” said Jiang. “Just kind of sick people you know. Just sick!”

Steven says New China has installed extra security cameras and workers are keeping the doors locked at all times, at least until the killer is caught.

“As soon as possible man,’ said Jiang. “It`s a dangerous person.”

So far, police say they have no information leading them to believe this is gang-related.
If you have any information on who might have committed these crimes, call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.