Event Aims To Inspire North Memphis Teens

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(Memphis, TN) In about four months two men were gunned down just blocks away from each other on Crockett Place.

Folks living in North Memphis are taking back their neighborhood they say is plagued with crime.

Tasha Morrow wiped her tears away Saturday as she listened to an undercover Memphis police officer speak at Crockett Place Apartments.

“That man hit me so hard, I fell down. He took a knife, cut my shirt off my back, cut in me. I was going to shoot him,” said the officer.

“I grew up in a family where I saw a lot of that going on. Normally this is a secret,” said Morrow.

Mikki Jackson, the apartment complex manager, believes things around the half mile long street need to change.

In the past year, police say they've gone to the street at least twice a month for crime.

Saturday, Mikki hosted a women's empowerment event, hoping to start cleaning up the street by first impacting teenage girls in the neighborhood.

“Young girls are so easily influenced, peer pressure and other things. I want her to know you don`t have to submit to the peer pressure. There is more to offer,” said Jackson.

Tasha brought her nine year old daughter, Tyler. Right now Tyler may not be dealing with some of what the officer shared with the teens.

“Don`t let them get you pregnant while you drop out of school,” advised the officer.

Her mom says she wants her daughter prepared.

“It's never too young to know what life may have in store for you and know what the warning signs may be, never too young,” said Morrow.

Young Tyler says, she`s walking away with a message.

“Don`t listen to other folks because you can achieve anything you want to achieve,” said Tyler Williams.