Frayser Man Charged For Threatening Jogger with Knife

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(Memphis) People in a Frayser neighborhood say they are feeling relieved with the arrest of their neighbor. Jermane Brown is accused of threatening a jogger with a knife and neighbors say it was bound to happen

"It's real scary and I've been here now five years," said Belinda Summers, who
Iives next to Brown.

Belinda says he's knocked on her door many times in the middle of the night, "Something is wrong with him."

She always thought Brown was mostly harmless then Thursday police say he threatened his other neighbor with a knife. They say Demetrius Williams was jogging around the block when Brown confronted her with the weapon saying he was "going to get her" and walked towards her with the knife. She ran home and called police.
They arrested Brown standing outside his home two doors down with the knife nearby.

"Sometimes he wants to hurt people and stuff," said Eddie Brown, the suspect's brother.

Eddie says his brother suffers from schizophrenia, has a problem with drugs and alcohol and can be violent, "He be scaring me and my mom."

"He'll stand right there and then I'll tell him and he'll go back and stand on the hill over there," said Summers.  "I tell him if he come back over here I'm going to fry him like some chicken, so he hasn't been back over here anymore."

Even his family hopes this aggravated assault charge will keep him away for at least awhile.

"You are happy about where he is at now?" asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"Yes," said Eddie.

Brown's bail has been set at $10,000 and the family says a bail bondsman called Friday morning asking them if they wanted to get him out and they said "no".