Former Southaven Official Believes Mayor Greg Davis Will Win

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Greg Davis


(Southaven, MS) The “official” campaign season is still about a week away, but signs supporting some candidates are already starting to show up in Desoto County.

The race everyone is watching is the mayor’s battle in Southaven.

Greg Davis wants to keep the job, while 7 people want to take it from him.

In some elections, it’s the youth vote who clinch a win.

But in Southaven, former Alderman Barbara Cleveland believes it’s the senior citizens who may help Mayor Greg Davis win another term in office, “In the years I’ve been here, more seniors go the polls than young people.”

According to Southaven City Hall, almost half of all voters in town are senior citizens.

Mayor Greg Davis says 80 percent of the people who signed his qualifying petition were senior citizens.

Twenty something Thomas Hall doesn’t believe Mayor Greg Davis can use that crowd to win another term, “I don’t think the chances are very strong with what people have said against him. A lot of people don’t sway his way.”

Cleveland admits there is a lot of controversy swirling around the mayor. Including an investigation into if he misused city dollars for personal gain and leaving his wife so he could be with another man, “There’s a lot of tension now.”

Even though alderman rejected the plan, Cleveland believes Davis’ support for a new senior center is a reason older voters will support him.

Davis is running as an independent.

There are six republicans and one democrat also vying for the job.