Pack of Wild Dogs Roam Raleigh Streets

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(Memphis) Wild dogs roaming the streets have people in Raleigh living in fear.

One of our news crews was reporting about problems at a vacant apartment complex when the dogs even interfered with Reporter Sabrina Hall’s interview

“Get! Oh that dog is OK but she is going to bring the bigger dogs. Get out,” said Latasha Dunner, who had carry her own dog into the house to keep it safe.

Dunner says it’s a daily battle for her and her neighbors.

“If I had a gun, I would shoot them all,” said Albert Willlingham.  “Cause I love mine. I love my dog.”

They say a pack of wild dogs, usually about 10 of them, run rampant on their Raleigh streets.

“They attacked my dog earlier this week,” said Dunner.  “I mean four of them was on him. His face was like this freaking big.”

People in the neighborhood have to use makeshift weapons to protect themselves and their pets.

“If they come to mess with mine, I am going to try and beat them,” said Willingham. “Aint no joke. I am going to beat them.”

“I mean we are throwing sticks, we got bricks, we chasing them, calling the pound,” said Donner.

They say the dogs live under no one's authority amidst vacant apartments on White Owl Lane.

“I called the pound  and they said they would come. It’s been a month now,” said Donner.

“Have they gotten any of them off the streets?” asked Reporter Hall.

“None!” said Donner.

Memphis Animal Services tell us it has taken two dogs off these streets since last September.

Apparently, the problem isn't solved and continues to grow.

Neighbors believe these vacant apartments have become a dumping ground for unwanted dogs.

Some even have old collars on.

“It looks like someone dropped him off here. That`s how most of them are,” said Willingham.

“I am an animal lover but it is out of hand,” said Donner.  “I mean they are attacking kids. They are running after kids when they get off the bus.”

“Come by and get them,” said Willingham, directing his comments to MAS. “That`s the best thing they can do because they are going to hurt somebody.”

News Channel 3 called Memphis Animal Services Thursday and the director sent animal control officers to White Owl Lane to see if they can solve the problem.