Mid-Southerners Told of Winter Weather Just as Spring Arrives

(Memphis) Mid-South residents and travelers braced for possible snow Thursday night, just as spring flowers started to bloom.

While snowfall did not make it to the Memphis metro area, a wintery mix threatened the Mid-South air overnight.

Tammy Dockery, traveling from East Tennessee to Texas, said, “It’s already spring. And I came in shorts, and I had to switch over to pants. That’s why nothing matches.”

She stopped at a West Memphis gas station to buy some pants.

Phillip Wiley was also traveling, and wasn’t prepared to bring long sleeves.

“I didn’t bring any. I didn’t think it was going to be cold. I thought it was going to be nice,” Wiley said.

His strategy was to get home fast, to South Texas.

“When I get home it’s going to be 90-something degrees. So yeah, it’s real weird,” he said.

While flowers started blooming along many Memphis streets, people prepared for near-freezing temperatures.

“It’s a little strange, but it’s Tennessee,” one traveler said.

LaToya Thomas, a West Memphis mom, said she would simply put her kids in “jacket, scarf, gloves, the works,” knowing full well the next day may be 70 degrees.

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