DNA On Condom leads To Rape Arrest

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(Memphis) Police say two men raped a 14-year old girl.

One the men is now locked-up, because he left DNA evidence behind.

In 2011, police say Demarcus McClendon and an accomplice took the girl out of her Raleigh home and drove to an abandoned apartment complex nearby.

“Those apartments have been a problem,” said resident Latasha Donner.

Trashed clothes, dumped furniture lay on those back streets.

It’s where police say the two men forced the young teen to have sex with them, threatening to shoot and kill her if she refused.

“That's scary. That's scary,” said Donner.

Fifteen months later, police have arrested McClendon saying he left his DNA at the scene. 

After the attack in December 2011, investigators found used condoms on the ground.

They say DNA on them matched the victim and one of the condoms linked McClendon to the crime.

“That’s traumatic. That`s a traumatic thing to happen,” said Donner.  “I mean my daughter had an incident over there.”

She says four men hanging out in the vacant apartment complex even came after her daughter one day, “I just keep her out of there. I tell her to stay on this side of the street.”

As for the rape of the 14-year-old girl, police say the two men came into the girl's house, took her in their car and drove her there, “I feel really feel bad for the girl. I really do.”

McClendon is being held in jail on a $95,000 bond.