Student Forced Into Alternative School

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(Memphis) A high school senior is being told he can’t go back to his school and his mother says the reason behind it isn’t fair.

Eighteen-year-old Phillip Lipsey was arrested for a January shooting outside the Westwood Community Center.

After a month in jail, the charges against him were dropped.

Lipsey thought he could pick up his senior year where he left off but that wasn’t the case. He was told he’d have to go to alternative school even though charges against him have been dismissed.

“They had video showing him getting on the bus and off the bus,” said Trina Lipsey, mother.

Trina Lipsey and her son, Phillip, tried to explain to detectives right after the January shooting outside the Westwood Community Center he was at school and the bus brought him home immediately afterwards.

No one listened until he’d spent a month in jail.

“I was stressed out and all that.  Missing school and everything,” said Phillip.

His mother said, “At least he didn't never give up about graduating. Some students be like oh, okay. They give up but he kept the faith and he never gave up and he still wants to go back.”

He wants to go back to Mitchell High where he’s been since 9th grade and finish his senior year.

However, MCS is sending him to MLK Alternative School because he was arrested and missed too many school days away in jail.

“That's wrong. I didn't do nothing and I can't go back to regular school. I got to go to alternative school and all that. That's wrong,” said Phillip.

His mother hopes Memphis City Schools makes an exception and allows him to go back to Mitchell High with his classmates.

“They accused him of the shooting and then when it all boils down he didn't do it. He wasn't the person. They dismissed it. So, by them dismissing it I felt like they could have let him back in school,” said his mother.

A spokesperson for MCS says they will take a look at Phillips case and offer a response from the district tomorrow.