Shelby County Schools Without Superintendent

(Memphis) When the Shelby County school board bought out superintendent John Aitken’s  contract Tuesday night, that left the school system without a leader.

“I guess the board will decide what to in the interim at Shelby County Schools or what situation, there wasn’t a lot of discussion about that last night,” said Shelby County School Board chairman Billy Orgel.

“We are in good hands we have a lot of great staff. We have a cabinet being named that’s going to lead this merged district forward. I think the parents, the students the administrators should be well assured that we have good leadership in place we just at the moment do not have a superintendent,” added Orgel.

Now the school board is looking for a superintendent of the merged school system.

“Around the time frame of June we should have someone who would be able to hit the ground running,” said board member Kevin Woods.