Horn Lake Wants To Make Road Safer

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(Horn Lake, MS) The death of a Horn Lake teen has people in the city calling for change.

Balloons blow in the wind at the intersection of Goodman and Dunbarton, marking the spot where 16-year-old Nikki Yager was killed earlier this month.

Police say a car she was riding in was t-boned.

“A young lady was in the prime of her life, looking towards the future and that life was taken. How could that not impact somebody?” said Chief of Police Darryl Whaley.

Whaley says since the crash, the department has been flooded with emails, Facebook messages and phone calls to do something about the intersection where the teenager was killed.

The city plans to ask the state for permission to put traffic lights at the intersection and at Highway 302 and Hampton, where police find a lot of people walking in and out of traffic.

If approved, Whaley says the next hurdle is financial.

He's not sure how much the lights will cost, but says the last time the city put traffic lights on Goodman Road, the cost was a quarter of a million dollars.

Last October, the city studied the both intersection over a five-year period.

They found there weren’t too many injuries from car crashes or pedestrians hit and they want to keep it that way. One death is enough.

“If you talk to any parent absolutely,” said Whaley.

The crash the killed Yager is still under investigation.