8th Grader Injured During Fight “Game” at School

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(Memphis) There's a dangerous game being played in some Memphis schools. It's called 10 seconds. You fight as hard as you can for 10 seconds to see who wins.   An 8th grader said he was forced to play and has the scars to prove it.

"He had a blow to the head. He had to get four stitches across his head. His nose was swollen and his lip was busted," Lorayne Thomas said.

She said her 13-year-old son Marcus Thomas was cut and bleeding after getting jumped at school playing what some call a "game."

"It's a short version of fighting," Marcus said.

On March 7th Thomas was in the locker room at Lanier Middle School when he said he was forced to play.

"They said go and he started swinging and it caught me off guard," he said.

His mother is sharing this story so parents are aware of this disturbing new game causing serious injuries to kids.

"I expect him to do his work and do what he's supposed to in class and come home like he's supposed to. Not to go to school and get into a fight," she said.

The game is not isolated to Lanier and the school district says it is working hard to put a stop to it. It said it has even contacted the U.S. Attorney office.

In the Lanier Middle School's principal's report about the latest fight he wrote "the investigation into this incident reveals it is probably not the first time students have "gone 10 " in the locker room. however, it must be the last. serious injury could result at any time and this type of violence is never acceptable."

The students involved were disciplined, but Thomas hopes school steps up security.

"They need more supervision they don't have security," she said.

Thomas is not letting her son go back to school at Lanier middle, and says she's working on getting him transferred.

She hopes highlighting this issue prevents other parents from having to take their kids to the emergency room after school.