Questions Surface About Deadly Hit and Run Charges

(Memphis) Sentell Stephens, the man police arrested for a deadly hit and run over the weekend, will head back to court next month.

Pieces of Sam Smith's motorcycle are scattered on Park Avenue, even after police cleaned up the wreck where he was killed.

Michael West watched it unfold from down the street, “I just went out on the curb and saw everybody running."

Police say there was another witness sitting in the front seat with Sentell Stephens, his 2- year-old son.

The toddler was strapped in a booster seat, not a child safety seat that's required.

“It’s very dangerous, they could end up getting killed and a leg broken,” said Mary Sullivan.

Stephens faces seven charges related to the crash and is in jail on a quarter million dollars bond.

None of Stephens' charges are related to him having his son with him while he was suspected of driving drunk, killing Smith and not stopping to help.

“That’s dangerous. And he's not charged, that’s a big charge,” said Sullivan.

She also finds it odd.

Especially since this weekend, another father, Thomas Veal, was arrested for driving drunk and being involved in hit and run on I-240.

Veal's son was in that car and Veal faces child endangerment charges.

News Channel 3 asked the District Attorney's office why Stephens isn't facing child endangerment charges, so far we haven’t heard anything back.

West calls this weekend's deadly hit and run unfortunate, but says it could have been worse, “I’m glad the child didn’t get hurt."

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