Millington May Need To Layoff Workers

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(Millington) Fear is floating around Millington about possible lay-offs.

The city is dealing with an almost $400,000 budget shortfall and some police officers and firefighters could be on the chopping block.

Millington is considering laying-off a total of 18 City workers.

It doesn't sound like much but both the fire and police chief say it will be devastating to their departments.

It would be just six police officers and six firefighters but in a small city like Millington, it would be a big deal.

“If we have to proceed with the layoffs within the fire department, it will actually close a fire station,” said Millington Fire Chief Gary Graves.

Millington only has four fire stations.

“I would like for us to come up with another way to do it,” said Millington Police Chief Rita Stanbick.

The lay-offs would eliminate more than a fourth of the City's patrol officers, raising safety concerns and anxiety within the police force, “The officers were kind of in shock when they first heard it.”

The lay-offs are not set in stone.

Other ideas are on the table that could ease the City's budget woes, like increasing property taxes or putting-off capital improvement projects.

Millington's mayor says the lay-offs would be a "worst case scenario."

The police and fire chiefs couldn’t agree more.

“Our call volume is not going to quit,” said Graves.  “Our call volume has continued to increase over the years so those calls still have to be answered.”

“Let the City discuss it and make the decision and hopefully they will come up with what’s best for all of us,” said Stanbick.

The City of Millington is planning to discuss the budget issues Tuesday night at 6 p.m. at City Hall and all are welcome to come and offer possible solutions.