Fullilove And Husband Headed To Court

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(Memphis) Memphis City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove and her husband will be going to trial on domestic violence charges.

The couple and their attorneys have been negotiating with prosecutor's for months and hoped to settle case out of court.

Monday, Fullilove and her husband came to court thinking that their domestic voiolence case was going to be thrown out.

Prosecutors instead, threw them a curve ball.

Fullilove says she's done everything prosecutors have asked to get her case dismissed, including anger management classes and counseling.

Fullilove seemed thrown for a loop when they also asked her to undergo drug and alcohol treatment, "I don't have a drug or alcohol problem. If I did, I would have done what I had one back in 2008 and  put myself in a treatment center."

in 2008, Fullilove was involved in an accident in Tunica where a child was injured.

She claimed a medical condition, and said she would get help, and didn't face any charges.

In August, police say they were called to Fullilove's house after she and her husband got into a physical fight.

Officers on the scene say she passed out when they got to the house because she was very intoxicated.

Fullilove's attorney says the 62-year-old does not have a problem and say drug and alcohol treatment is not something to which they would agree to avoid a trial.

Murray Wells, "Usually you see something going wrong caused by that, but we don't have that problem here." "I was looking forward to today and doing what I do and now this has come out. I don`t think I`m being treated fairly."

Because she's refused to get treatment, Fullilove is now set to go to trial at the end of April.

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