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Tigers Get Warm Welcome

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(Memphis) - The Memphis Tigers got a warm welcome Saturday evening as hundreds of fans showed up at the airport to celebrate the champions return home.

It was the most dedicated and die-hard fans that showed up to show their love and support.

“[We’re here] to let them know that we love them and we're proud of them and we're ready for them to go all the way,” said one tiger fan.

When the plane rolled in, tiger nation went wild. It was a much sweeter homecoming after a double overtime win clinched the tiger’s third title in a row.

The fans have always gone above and beyond, Coach Josh Pastner says, to show their loyalty, “It was a home game a lot of the games in Tulsa because of the fans and the fans being here is just special.”

D.J. Stephens added, “For them to come from wherever they are and say 'hi' and 'thanks' for winning the title, it means a lot.”

But it means even more for those who get to meet the Tigers, people like Vivian Chalmers who started following the tigers after she lost her only child 20 years ago.

“It’s been very, very therapeutic for me to attend all of the games and I go by myself,” said Chalmers.

However, Chalmers is not alone because if you're a tiger, you're family.

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