Car Slams Into Circle K; Four Injured in Close Call

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(Memphis) Saturday morning, people were wheeled out on stretchers at the circle K on Winchester near Hacks Cross. Inside, a car was parked and a gaping hole in the front of the store alerts you, it’s not supposed to be there.

“It was glass everywhere, potato chips, a news stand,” said Marvin Williams.

Williams drove up after the car barreled through the convenience store.

“They were screaming and hollering, I was like,’ what is going on,” recalled Williams.

Logan Westbrooks and his wife stopped here to fill up when he started backing his car up, but in just a matter of seconds, “it wouldn’t stop, I applied my brakes but it kept going,” said Westbrooks.

The front of the store didn’t stop Westbrooks car, neither did one of the people it hit. The car finally stopped moving when it crashed into a beer case.

“One man was bleeding, another man was trapped,” said Williams.

Four people were taken to the hospital, but are all expected to be ok. Westbrooks isn’t facing any charges.

“I’m just completely baffled, can this be happening? This has never happened before, this is serious,” said Westbrooks.

Watching everything unfold and the faulty car get towed away, Williams is baffled also. He says he wasn’t to have his brakes checked out. Westbrooks expects to be shaken up for a while.

“My prayers are with those who were injured, I feel so bad about that,” said Westbrooks.