What Crooks Took From A Nearly 200-Year-Old Cemetery

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(Memphis) It appears even a sacred cemetery isn't off-limits to thieves trying to make a quick buck.

This week the Raleigh Community Council discovered someone had stolen sections of an ornate fence surrounding the nearly 200-year-old  family plot of a former mayor of Memphis at the Raleigh Cemetery.

Isaac Rawlings was the Mayor of Memphis in the early 1800'S.

He was buried at the Raleigh Cemetery on Old Raleigh LaGrange at the age of 52.

About three years ago when volunteers began cleaning up the cemetery they discovered Rawling's family burial site

This week someone discovered that several sections of the old iron fence around it were missing.

"It’s very disturbing that anyone would be that disrespectful of anyone who is buried out here  much less a former mayor of Memphis," said Hugh Allen.

Hugh Allen is one of the many volunteers who helped restore the old cemetery.

He says it's likely the person who took the fence plans to sell it for scrap, "No doubt in my mind that is what they are going to do is take it and sell it."

Allen say groups will continue to do whatever they can to protect and preserve the cemetery for future generations.

If you would like to learn more about the old Raleigh Cemetery you can take part in a walking tour there this Saturday at 1:30pm.

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