New Gun Law in MS to Start in July

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(DeSoto County, MS) In just a few months, almost everyone will be able to visibly carry a gun in Mississippi.

The law requires guns to only be partially covered, even a holster will count.


Many, including law enforcement, are sounding the alarm about it.

Before this summer, you had to pass a background check, and have a permit, to carry a concealed weapon.

Soon that will be a thing of the past.

Kevin Tribble is a licensed gun carrier; he says the new law makes him a little uneasy, “If you're not properly trained and you don’t know what you are doing. I think you are a threat."

Southaven Deputy Chief of Police Steve Pirtle, agrees, he says officers will have to change how they operate since there is a good chance they will come in contact with more armed people and some of them could be felons.

“It’s going to make us look like we are being more aggressive than what we need to be, but for safety reasons that's the appearance we’ll have to give,” said Pirtle.

District Attorney John Champion believes the new law will open up the door for more murders, “I could see some scenarios where people are arguing and it escalates. We see so much of that anyways."

The new law doesn’t change how you buy a gun, you still have to go through a background check.

Tribble likes the idea he won’t be as restricted when it comes to how he can carry his gun.

But, he thinks that right should only be for people who put in the extra work to carry a gun around.