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Man Charged With His Neighbor’s Murder

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(Shelby County, TN) Shelby County Sheriff’s Investigators have charged twenty-three year-old Marvin Johnson with the murder of his neighbor 49 year-old Anthony Jollif.

Jollif was shot around 8 Thursday night at his girlfriend’s home in the 4900 block of East Kings Valley Cove.

Investigators said the couple had just arrived home from grocery shopping and they were preparing to unload.

“She got out of the car and started to enter the home and unlock the door. The victim was still in the car in the passenger’s side when apparently an individual walked up and began firing,” said Shelby County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Chip Washington.

Jollif was pronounced dead at the scene.

Johnson left but was eventually tracked down by deputies.

Neighbors know both men.

They said Johnson who was known as “Pig” in the neighborhood was very friendly.

“We are very close here, we are church going people. He was going to church two weeks ago. Somewhere he failed,” said neighbor William Braddock.

“Even before I pulled around the corner I saw the blue lights and I’m like oh my gosh what happened,” said Caralyn Brown.

“Everybody up and down this street knows each other. We are a family. That’s why it’s such a shock that this would happen,” added Brown.

Investigators said the shooting stemmed from an earlier dispute, but did not say what the dispute was about.

Jollif’s girlfriend’s sister Nadine Porter said this was the worst thing that could’ve happened.

“I feel for his mom, and Tony’s mom, all of us. This is terrible,” said Porter. Porter added that her sister was having a tough time coping with Jollif’s death. “She witnessed this. She’s not doing too well at all.”

Johnson is behind bars with no bond.

He is due in court Monday morning.

Johnson lived eight doors away from Jollif and his girlfriend.