Child Run Over And Killed

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(Memphis) A South Memphis Family is devastated after a terrible accident claims the life of their youngest son.

Eight year-old Brian Guevara was playing in front of his home when someone backing out of a neighbor’s drive hit and killed him Thursday.

Magdalena Roman Ortiz was arrested and has been charged with failure to exercise due care and for not having a driver’s license or insurance.

“That's my baby boy and I don't know why it happened,” said Brian Guevara’s father Epolito Guevara.

Blood still stains the sand where Brian Guevara died.

“She ran outside, my little brother was just lying there on the floor,” said Brian’s sister Maglai.

Maglai says her mother feels responsible, “My mother was outside paying with them but she went inside to wash her hands and she heard screaming."

Brian's little cousin, Haley, was with him when the accident happened.

They two were very close.

“She woke up crying calling his name,” said Maglai.

Brian`s father says his youngest son was his best friend, and he will remember him as a wonderful child.

He says Brian was very playful and very loved at school.

“Just keep in mind children are the most important thing in life,” said Guevara.

The Guevara's believe everything happens for a reason, and they`re trying to find a silver lining.

“We were having family problems and I guess that`s one of the reasons why He probably took Brian from us. To get us closer together,” said Maglai.

The family says they plan to donate Brian`s organs because they want him to save other lives.