Sales Reps Using Facebook to Supplement Income

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(Southaven, MS) Direct sales are taking over social media news feeds and the salesperson is probably one of your friends or family members.

Sue Baucum is a sales representative with Initials, inc.

She hosts parties and shows to sales personalized bags and apparel.

Baucum uses Facebook to support her business as a quick and free way to advertisement, “I find people that I wouldn’t normally come in contact with who maybe I would have never met."

Baucum says social media has changed direct sales because of the ability to reach more people faster.

She says direct sales can be lucrative because of the money, and you can get bonuses for recruiting others, “With the economy and the situation that it is, and I think with people not being able to find jobs as we get older because it’s harder to get a job when you do get laid off."

Baucum and other direct sales people are taking Facebook’s resources to another level.

She has set up a network with eleven other local women who sell jewelry, storage, or health and beauty supplements.

They pool resources and have a big show at the end of the year.

Connie Mah sales 'It Works' weight loss and detoxing systems.

She says she was attracted to direct sales so she could stay home and care for a loved one with dementia and home school her son, “You’re not having to punch a time clock and you make your own hours and you set your own goals for how much money you need."

Mah says social media is helping her sell around the country, and she never has to leave her house.