Prosecutor Found Beaten Had Prior Domestic Call

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(Memphis) The attack on Shelby County prosecutor, Kate Edmands, happened sometime last week but neither police nor her boss, District Attorney Amy Weirich, are saying much.

They’ve turned over the case to the TBI.

News Channel 3 found there was a past domestic incident at her home.

The district attorney's office said earlier this week Edmands and her husband were separated at the time of the attack.

They haven't said if he, or anyone else, is suspected in the beating that put her in the hospital.

We found at least once she told officers she was afraid of him.

The midtown home where Assistant District Attorney Kate Edmands lived and was found beaten is the same address where police answered a call in August 2010.

Then, she told officers she had been separated from her husband, attorney Carlos Provencio, for 10 months but was trying to work things out.

She said she was afraid of him and called for help after he refused to leave.

She said she locked the back gate but then he went to the front door and started beating and kicking it.

She described him as "very aggressive and threatening" and thought he would harm her and her two children.

We tried to reach Carlos Provencio to get his side of the story but he didn't answer our phone call.

Investigators aren't answering our calls either to say if the suspect is someone Edmands knew or if the attack is connected to her job as a prosecutor.