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Days Pass With No Sign Of 14-Year Old Walnut Ridge, AR Girl

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(Lawrence County, AR) Thursday marks day five in the search for 14-year-old Sidney Nicole Randall of Walnut Ridge in Lawrence County, Arkansas.

The girl was believed to have been with her stepfather John Cornell.

He was found dead Monday outside Walnut Ridge from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.

As days pass, there are increasing concerns over Sidney's well-being.

Denise Cornell's mind races: thinking about what might have been, "If I hadn't of went to sleep, then she'd still be here."

The search for her daughter moves slowly through day five without a trace.

Investigators spent two days in a remote area of Lawrence County where Sidney's stepfather John Cornell was found dead Monday.

He was suspected in Sidney's disappearance, and investigators believe she was a passenger in his pickup truck.

Lawrence County Sheriff Jody Dotson says there are still many unanswered questions, "It was not uncommon, from talking to the family, for her to go places with John. It was common for her to run to the store with him."

Sheriff Dotson says it's unclear whether Sidney was forcibly taken by John Cornell Saturday night or Sunday morning, "The house is a very small house and there was several people there in the home that night. It's hard for us to imagine a real big struggle and somebody not woke up or heard something."

Thursday, a dive team spent the day looking for any new signs of Sidney in a creek near Hoxie, Arkansas.

At the Flash Market in Walnut Ridge, employee Makisha Dale says the whole community has been affected, "Everybody's sad and can't believe it."

A donation jar sits on the counter and has been steadily filling up with money to help with search efforts.

Makisha Dale says the store was a popular spot for Sidney and her family, "At least once a day we'd see them: Sidney and Denise for sure and John, he'd come in quite a bit too."

Dale is shocked, like most folks in town, about what John Cornell may have done, "I would have never thought anything at all. He was just normal: come in and get his cigarettes, his gas. Normal guy you would have thought."

We were told by a family friend funeral arraignments for John Cornell are still being worked planned.

Anyone with information about Sidney Randall is being asked to contact Walnut Ridge Police or the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department.