Bass Pro Shops Requests More Time For Sign Proposal

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(Memphis) - Signs will lead the way to the new Bass Pro Shop, but how big and where are still under consideration.

After a meeting where people voiced their concerns, the company claims it got some good ideas on the signs. They’ve asked for more time as they work to consider all of the new possibilities.

When it comes to attracting business, Bass Pro hoped to put huge signs on each side of the pyramid. It wants to catch the attention of the 30,000 cars passing by on the interstate.

“I think [the signs] were big,” said Kevin Kane of the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. “If I were Bass Pro i would want those things as big as I could possibly have them. You can't blame them.”

People who live nearby on Mud Island do blame the, saying ‘no’ to the proposed basketball court-sized signs. Surprisingly enough, the company said it would reconsider.

“I think it’s great that they're trying to meet the community half-way,” said Kane.

He is pleased with Bass Pro's willingness to consider the concerns of the community they'll be sharing, “I think that’s the motto of that company. I think they're going to be great neighbors to not only Harbor Town, but that end of downtown Memphis and a great attractor to our city.”

Kane believes Bass Pro and the City can come out with a win/win, but even he recognizes that, to some, the pyramid is a Memphis landmark and sign of any size will be unwelcomed.

“Even if the sign were very, very small there will be people upset about it so are you going to keep everybody happy? Probably not,” he said. “I think they'll compromise to a point where most people would be satisfied.”

The signage proposal not only includes the big signs on the side of the pyramid, but also the surrounding signs even on Front St.

The Design Review Board says it will call a special meeting when Bass Pro is ready. It believes it will be sometime in the next couple of weeks.