4 killed by naked gunman in Nashville Waffle House

61 People Accused of Murder or Att. Murder on the Run

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(Memphis) When Sam's neighbor was gunned down in a robbery inside his home last year he hoped the man police said did it would be behind bars by now.

"He never bothered nobody someone just broke into his house and killed him," Bartlett resident Sam said.

Thursday he found out the suspect, Daniel Nesbit, is still on the run.

"It's really sad just knowing I live in a city when major crime criminals are running free."

In fact 61 people accused of committing murder or for attempting it are on the run from the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say it's difficult to track many of them down because once they know they're wanted they don't stick around.

Some of the active warrants date back to 1983.

Deputies are hoping to put the heat back on these cold cases and many new ones using Facebook.

Thursday the sheriff's office posted mug shot after mug shot on its Facebook page hoping their pictures will bring in clues.

In the first hour after the posting someone already wrote to a friend asking them to,  "look thru this list and see if u know someone on this list!? i think we do!"

That's the type of response the sheriffs office hopes to get.

"I think it's beautiful they are trying to reach out and find them," Sam said.

Sam hopes it will bring justice for the victims and closure for friends and families.

"I hope they find them I really do because it could have been my child or your child," he said.

The Sheriff's Dept. says it has already put dozens of wanted suspects in jail thanks to the help it received from social media.

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