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Police Say No Leads on Blytheville Mother Who Abducted Son

(Blytheville, AR) People in Blytheville, AR are concerned about 5-year-old Evan Darby.

His picture was posted on a church sign on Wednesday.

He disappeared along with his mother who took him without permission. It's her mental state that makes police fear for their safety.

“I've never seen her violent with him in any way,” said Kierra Weaver, who lives next door to Darby. “She's very loving towards him. I don't think she would harm him. I really don't know why she took off with him. I just hope that she brings him back.”

Police say Corbet Darby took Evan when his father came to pick him up at her house.

She told him to come back in an hour. He then watched her drive off in her white Volvo with their son, “[The boy’s] dad comes over to get him and she doesn’t really want him to go,” said Weaver. “I've heard them arguing a few times outside.”

It’s now been three days since anyone has seen or heard from Darby or her son.

Police say even her family in Tennessee and Missouri have lost contact.

Neighbors say she is a good mother, but her recent erratic behavior concerns them.

“I'm praying and I just hope that she brings him back and that he's okay and she's okay and everybody is fine,” said Weaver.

Police say Darby and her son could be anywhere. If you know where they might be or if you see them, you can call the Blytheville Police at 870-763-4411.

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