Pope Francis I Introduced

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(Rome, Italy) Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina is the new pope.

Bergoglio, who is 76, is the first Jesuit Pope.

Bergoglio will assume the name of Pope Francis I.

“As you know, the duty of the conclave was to appoint a bishop of Rome. It seems to me that my brother cardinals have chosen one who is from far away, but here I am.”

Pope Francis went on to say, “First and foremost, I would like to pray for our emeritus pope, Benedict XVI. Let us pray all of us together … so that he’s blessed by the lord and guarded.”

Cardinal Bergoglio has been known for personal humility, social justice and doctrinal conservatism.

Bergoglio lives in a small apartment instead of the bishop’s large residence, does not have a a chauffeur and makes his own meals.

Bishop J. Terry Steib of the Memphis Diocese said, “All of us from the Catholic Diocese of Memphis in Tennessee congratulate our new pontiff, Pope Francis, and pledge our support and allegiance. His election was a surprise – a pleasant surprise. The fact that he is a religious who took the name Francis speaks to his humility. His choice of name also speaks well of how he plans to guide the church in focusing on the needs of strengthening and evangelizing the universal Church. What a blessing it is that Argentina has given the Church its first pope from the new world. We pray for Pope Francis that he will be guided by the Holy Spirit in service to the Church.”