Mums The Word On Prosecutor Attack

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(Memphis) The case of the brutal beating of an assistant prosecutor in Shelby County is being turned over to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, but no one is saying why.

Asst. Distsrict Attorney Kate Edmands was attacked inside her Midtown home.

Her boss, District Attorney Amy Weirich, isn’t saying if they believe the attack is retaliation from one of the violence cases Edmands prosecuted or if Edmands knew her attacker.

Neighbor Mark Stuart questioned, “Did they break in or was there evidence of somebody breaking in?”

Memphis police are not answering that question or any other.

They’ve handed the case over to state investigators at the TBI, we wanted to know why but the D.A.’s office isn’t talking.

A spokesperson for Weirich told me, “The D.A. and Police Director talked and decided that was the route they needed to take but they are not disclosing why.”

“I think that's unusual. Normally, the Memphis police department is here taking care of their business. I don't know why they would do that,” said Brian Lynch, neighbor.

The only cases MPD typically turn over to the TBI involve some kind of conflict.

Edmands was an officer of the court but she is not a member of the police department.

Two ways the TBI could take over are if a member of the MPD might be personally acquainted with Edmands or be associated with the attack.

Edmands has two children and is separated from her husband who is also an attorney.