Mississippi Not Eliminating History Courses

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(DeSoto County, MS) Even though it’s spring break, Emily Campbell wants to make sure her son keeps learning.

She got concerned when she heard word circulating Mississippi might cut American history courses from its schools, ”I think it’s very important.” “Why?” “History repeats itself and our students need to know about it."

How did all this talk start?

Apparently a task force discussed de-emphasizing history on standardized tests to help boost the education ratings of individual schools.

The Daughters of the American Revolution reportedly took that to mean history courses were in danger and sounded the alarm in widespread e-mails.

”Well, I was kinda shocked when I first heard about it", said DeSoto County history teacher Allen Latimer, who believes History is vital to our society.

”We need to know the foundation of our country. It’s build on liberty and responsibility. If you knock the foundation our from any edifice, it’s gonna tumble down."

The concern got so bad, Mississippi State School Superintendent Lynn House released this statement,: “Let me be clear: the Mississippi Department of Education has not retreated from its educational standards nor has it taken any steps to de-emphasize the importance of U.S. history in our schools."

”The important thing is for them to learn about our country whether they get tested on it, that’s secondary to me,” said Latimer.

House says there’s even a push to shore up history courses, and Emily Campbell likes that, ”History is very important, it’s something our students need”.

Before anything changes, Superintendent House promises a public hearing.