Construction Project Causes Many Concerns

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(Memphis) Some believe an MLGW project is causing a danger on North Parkway.

It started with a water main break in February and now it's a massive hole in the ground.

"It's an eyesore for one," said Keartra Knox, who lives on N. Parkway.

"Because everybody has to look at a big old hole on the side of the road," said Resident Craig Colburn. "My feelings are that MLGW needs to get it fixed. It's been like that for a month."

For more than four weeks, people who live on the stretch of the road have had a "water" view.

"In this case, we've actually had to wait on some parts to arrive," said MLGW Spokesperson Glen Thomas.

With no parts, no work has gone-on in weeks.

"I haven't seen any workers out here at all," said Knox.

The crater has created concerns.

"There are a bunch of kids up and down the neighborhood and one of them could fall in and get hurt," said Colburn.  "Us adults know to avoid it but kids are going to think that's somewhere to play."

>"Obviously it is a big hole. It should be avoided," said Thomas.

Thomas met with News Channel 3 on the median and what he saw got him to make some phone calls, "We know people are concerned and we are addressing it as quickly as we can."

Jusst a few hours later an MLGW crew put-up some temporary fencing around the site.

As for a permanent solution, Thomas said the project can't be patched-up til they get the parts, "This is obviously a major project for us."

He says on April 8 the work should begin. Work that some people say can't start soon enough.

"It's not acceptable whatsoever," said Colburn.

Please hurry," said Knox.