Store Clerk Shot Near Day Care Center

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(Memphis) The Memphis Police Department is looking for two suspects last seen running north on Hollywood.

Those men are accused of shooting a 22-year-old convince store worker at the Hollywood Z Food Mart and Deli.

Memphis police say the victim is at The Med in critical condition with several gunshot wounds.

Coworkers say he was working at the food mart to get experience and open his own store.

Witnesses say he was stocking the shelves when he went outside to talk to two men.

They heard three gunshots and the victim stumbled back to the door with a bloody face.

Just feet away almost twenty children were inside the leaders of tomorrow daycare center.

News Channel 3 spoke with employees who said they were on lockdown, but they answered the door for me and several people came and went from the center while they were locked down.

“It`s crazy. I go to that store every single day. And it`s like he is so nice and I don`t know what anyone would shoot him for. It`s crazy,” said Tracie Morton.

Morton says the victim was so kind he would spot customers a few dollars if they were ever short.

“I pray for his family, and I hope he makes it out OK because he is a very nice person,” said Morton.

This is the fourth day in a row there has been a shooting in Memphis.

Since last Friday ten people have been shot in the city.